WVYC Spartancast 17-22 with YCP Swimmer Rachel Spaulding

October 24, 2017

Discussion of why she decided to transfer to YCP after 2 years at West Chester.  How she juggles being a swimmer, student, commuting to school and part-time job.  


WVYC Spartancast with YCP Volleyball Coach Dan Mickle

October 10, 2017

Discuss taking over Volleyball Squad weeks before the start of the season.  Philopshy on recruiting and in-season training.


WVYC Perspectives with York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program Director Irene Hudson

October 3, 2017

Discussion of York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program with Director Irene Hudson.  


WVYC Spartancast with Cross Country & Track Runner Alex Smith

September 29, 2017

Discussion of his experience qualifying for NCAA Division 3 Track Championships as a Steeplechaser in May of 2017.  Goals for current Cross Country and Track season.



WVYC Perspectives with YCP Glatfelter Public Policy Fellow Vinny Cannizarro

September 21, 2017

Discussion of new Institute at YCP.  Purpose of Glatfelter Institute.  Cannizzaro duties and visit to YCP by well renowned educator Joseph Kozol in October.  


WVYC Spartancast with Field Hockey Player Autumn Mallory

September 19, 2017

Balancing academics with FH activities. Autumn also participates in Musicals on Campus. Future after college.


WVYC Perspectives-Compassion Experience Exhibit at YCP

September 12, 2017

Discussion with Director of Spiritual Life Louise Worley about the exhibit called the Compassion Experience on Campus Sept 15-18.




WVYC Spartancast with Men’s Soccer Player Keith Witherell

September 12, 2017

Talk with Keith about his transfer from VCU to YCP.  How he has adjusted to new environment and goals for season and after school 


WVYC Perspectives with Artist Paul Rucker

August 31, 2017

Interview with renowned Baltimore based Multi-Media Artist Paul Rucker about his show in Wolf Hall Galleries at York College of Pa through October 21st.  


YCP Study Aborad Program-Satirical Look

May 9, 2017

Satirical look at YCP College Study Abroad including programs with York College of Transylvania & Mars Abroad program. Patterned after Welcome to Nightvale