WVYC Perspectives with YCP Nursing Major Ethan Miller

April 26, 2018

How he came to organize Yor-Thon at Marketview Arts in conjunction with the Give York fundraiser on Friday May 4th.  


WVYC Perspectives 18-8 with Special Guest Host Lara Thrapp

April 20, 2018

Lara continues her look at Buzzwords.  This time she will focus in on the field of Education.


WVYC Perspectives 18-7 with Special Guest Host Lara Thrapp

March 12, 2018

Part 1 of WVYC Music Director Lara Thrapp's Independent Study project looking at jargon.  


WVYC Spartancast 18-6 with YCP Softball Player Melissa Jurkiewicz

March 7, 2018

Role on the YCP Softball team.  Hope for the 2018 season.  Balancing Academic work and Athletics and future plans after YCP.


WVYC Perspectives 18-6 with YCP Assoc Provost Josh Landau

March 5, 2018

Discussing his role in Student Success at York College


WVYC 18-5 with YCP Women’s Basketball Katie McGowan

February 20, 2018

Talk with Junior Criminal Justice Major Katie McGowan about her studies and basketball.  Also about playing so close to home.  


WVYC Perspectives 18-5 with YCP History Professor Peter Levy

February 16, 2018

Discussion with Levy about his new book The Great Uprising: Race Riots in Urban America During the 1960s.


WVYC Spartancast 18-4 with YCP Women’s Soccer & Track & Field Athlete Georgia Gilchrist

February 12, 2018

Discussion of juggling 2 sports while also being an engineering major.  Lessons learned on how to be a better student and athlete.  


WVYC Perspective 18-5 with MIRT Major Nick Comito

February 12, 2018

Discussion in his participation in a production of a video games play by play tournament.


WVYC Perspectives 18-4 with Artist Kate Kretz

February 5, 2018

Discussion of her current exhibit in Wolf Hall at York College.  Her path to becoming an artist and the message she hopes people will take away from her work.